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, the president and his family boarded air force one in chicago headed back to washington. he reached out to key congressional leaders from both parties after the reelection. talking about the agenda for the rest of the year if the hard part of winning includes facing serious economic problems. and while it may have appeared to be a nail biting evening leading to this celebration of, insiders have reportedly been very confident for the last couple of weeks. if when the confetti clears, the president knows he has huge challenges ahead. >> we want you to succeed. let us try to find the common ground. there but least for today the opposition was saying nice things. >>catherine: as for mitt romney and a tweed it this picture of him in his boston hotel room this morning to run the wife family murders and a gallon of chocolate milk. after a gracious concession speech from his political future remains uncertain his running mate palm mayapaul ryan-retains his old job in congress. >> the president first of all did a very, very effective ground campaign. and i think the country that is looking at a differ
, gathering material for her for herall in" on the afghanistan four- star general. the washington post had first reported the details about the petraeus. petraeus had authorized former aides and friends to tell reporters he personally and never gave her a classified information. government resources say that cn and had materials such as power point presentation and schedules. however, while braodewell would have gotten her research material from a lot of sources, be careful about jumping to conclusions. >> to say that, the implication of the fbi is looking at something makes it sound like they are the subject of a criminal >> and right now, the part it is still in the " let's determine how this information was provided to keep it and under what circumstances ". >> even if the permission the appeal removed from her home was not at risk for national-security she gave whomever keep it to her will have plenty to answer for. >> a vallejo family is not going to give up their search for the suspect who hit and killed their great- grandmother. 88 year-old cl emintina funes was hit by a car while w
it and three other states could drastically change after the election. colorado, washington and oregon all have measures to legalize it for recreational use. it could be the first time ever that it has been approved for recreational use. that is against federal law that could be a response out of washington. something that we've seen all these medical marijuana dispensaries in california. there are three other states, massachusetts, arkansas, montana are already allowing those for medical marijuana and 17 other seats. and washington, call lebron o in massachusetts those are most likely to pass. arkansas or an organ is most likely to fail. the porsche for recreation was " put on the ballot later defended it would be the first state in the southern sections to allow medical marijuana. when we talk about medical marijuana keep that-porsch pu sh//or medical marijuana it would have a very small amount. they've been trying this forcibly years. >> realistically how many states how likely are those going to pass? >> many people are going to say that it is likely to weapon in these states but look back
for the month of november. >> this person is here from washington d.c.. he is almost thinking about relocating. >> this is another perfect day for a hole in one. >> the clairemont golfers found more than perfect. >> for the middle of june not to bad but it is november, november draft. this is gorgeous i hope that it is like this for another couple of days. or even couple of weeks. >> to get out the vote. >> so pleasant, people are out, happy and a good mood. >> samples weather on college ave. many bare legs, samples weather, and also many people were having their afternoon coffee with sandals. am i wish i would have worn shorts. [laughter] it is warmer than i and anticipate it. who thought that november. do not think about your warmer weather clothing any time shooting these are expected to continue for the next couple of days. >> it has been nice. maureen kelly, kron 4. >> brien? >> not only a run but it is going to get even warmer for tomorrow. and we could see record highs for the bay area. '70s, '80s. the warmest was santa rosa. livermore, 70's, san jose, nearly 80 degrees. these temperatu
, chris stevens. that was on september 11th and benghazi. the latest in washington. >> washington lawmakers wanted answers on how u.s. ambassadors, chris stevens and three other americans were killed on the consulate in benghazi. capitol hill became the home to multiple and >> i have listened to my colleagues talk about the president of the united states. and others in the it ministration using terms as delivered, lies but if you want to know who is it responsible in this town, get yourself a mirror. >> among those testifying cia michael morrell who was going to replace david petraeus. the x cia director will speak to both the house and senator intelligence committees on friday morning. >> more recently, the resignation of general petraeus is open up even more questions and mud is contained in the report has recurred following his visit to benghazi. >> and also, the contentious battle brewing involving. u.s. ambassador susan rice and her role in the administration's response to benghazi. a possible replacement for secretary of state, hillary clinton. >> now president obama has the
and the implementation of massive spending cuts if they do not come to an agreement. they are back in washington after the thanksgiving break. as catherine heenan explains there are some hints of compromise. the most americans understand the fiscal cliff is a scary and a series of living tax hikes. it could damage the economy. president obama has been pressuring congressional leaders to reach a compromise that increases taxes on wealthy americans. a handful of republicans are suggesting they might break their pledge to never vote for higher indicate taxes. >> and for the good of the country only if democrats would do a title that. >> the pledge that we signed 18-20 years ago but the world has changed. >> is music to the ears of the white house but disturbing to this man. the anti-tax crusader that cut republicans to tax no tax- agreement. it >> if you want to go to your voters and say i promised to this and i am breaking the promise you have that conversation. >> if he seems confident so for these numbers are not on his side. 258 members of congress that have signed the pledge with only one half dozen
happened in the closed door meeting in washington today.. >>catherine: susan rice - a white house favorite to replace secretary of state hillary clinton... was not talking to reporters today.. >> the information given to the american people was wrong and ambassador rise also said that it was wrong. >>catherine: offshe had just left a capitol hill meeting with three republican senators -- three of her sharpest critics... they say that when she characterized the september 11th attack on the u-s embassy in benghazi as a protest - rather than a pre-meditated terrorist attack... she was putting pre-election politics before national"the information given to wrong. in fact, amb rice wrong." >>catherine: ofafter the attack - rice did a lot of talking on tv...including the sunday talk shows. she says she was using these unclassified talking points- which had been stripped of references to al qaida.. but reportedly admitted to the senators of classified qaida was behind the attack. if anything...today's meeting ()()sot lindsay graham)á)á >> if anything today, justice a you to not know. >>catherine
: for today's market update. it was one of the worst weeks over the worry that washington might not act in time to avoid a series of harsh tax increases and spending cuts by the beginning of next year. the dow jones gained a live it more than four points to close at 12,815. the s&p and the nasdaq also posted small gains. >> the samsung galaxy s 3 has dethroned apple's iphone for s. becoming the world's best selling smart foam in the third quarter. they say that 80 million galaxy " as three " phones were shipped worldwide in the third quarter compared to 16.2 million iphone 4. strategy and analytics to say that it's because consumers were before the iphone 5 which went on sale september 21st. the third quarter ended the week after its release. >> the possibly reason of holiday flights is that there are 11 holiday tickets and then it just nine id is easier for families to go further. a dramatic increase. 50 percent more than just one year ago. and the head of a european budget airline is trying to get rid of the option of seat belts. and even seats, altogether. michael o'leary saying that
tedford....and chris harper. the a. are. tied at 7-7. right now, washington is leading 14-13. and you are going to see something good for come up. that is why they are all up. hauling it in for the score there are still a couple of minutes left. they are up to eight woeful 6 if they can pull it out? perhaps tedford could still keep his job. however an interesting story. also, bad news for the warriors already as brandon rush left the game what appeared to be a pretty ugly kneecap perjury.the opening-injury--on e kneecap. however, on halloween that the first night was pretty decent by the second hour of was sitting in the chair sink eakins is right over there. and also i wanted to know is going on in the workers and i was able to carry on a nice discussion the next day. i was able to watch the -- warriors. >> de give out entire candy bars? >> absolutely. and we just have them take huge grab bags. >> and if somebody does not recognize the a small candy bar and if somebody says that you are the 1 on channel 19. yes! [laughter] >> i cannot believe that. >> the raiders vs. tampa bay will
towards washington and oregon. as we get towards monday, to state it will get even further to the north. the result will be even further with readings of 70's for the south bay to warmest places will be south san jose and possibly low 80s tomorrow. look for upper 70's and nearly 80 degrees and concord, pittsburgh. fairfield, and even 70's. the bay. hayward, mid-70s close to 80 degrees for walnut creek. your kron 4 7 day around the bay monday, to stay a lot of sunshine and warmth with upper 70's. low 80s inland and it does eventually turn cooler and is going to be a sharp noticeable change. wednesday, and a storm change coming in from the alaskan and system. clouds, rainfall with just slight. kerstin night towards friday. as a reminder, go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and on digital 4.2. >> we are learning more of the attacks of the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya that left four americans dead. there was a 25 minute gap between the call for help between the consulate and one the officers arrived. officials say the 25 minutes were spen
are on edge that fears have gridlock in washington will force the economy of the fiscal cliff. those overshadowed some positive reports on the weekly initial jobless numbers and the monthly trade balance. store sales for the first time in nearly a decade. mcdonald's showing that sales dropped that has not happened since 2003. u.s. locations were hurt by a modest consumer demand and higher competition from the month of october. , africa and to the least. in also saw its decline in europe, south asia. and other locations internationally. pair of black friday will actually be if 8:00 p.m. thursday evening on wal- mart. new offers to be introduced at 10:00 p.m., with more discounts offered at 5:00 a.m. for the early risers. and wal-mart plans a separate sale online. president obama will address the nation tomorrow is urging lawmakers to head off the drastic budget cuts. huge tax hikes that will go into effect january 1st. catherine heenan will explain why this is the pouring of a new crisis. >> the fiscal cliff. >> the fiscal cliff. >> the physical plant. >> the looming fiscal cliff. , c
to people in need. with the election in the rearview mirror, the focus in washington is back on efforts to avoid the a economically devastating physical cliff. the amounts to seven trillion dollars in spending cuts and tax increases over the next decade. this is part of the last year's plan has not materialized. the largest chunk are the bush tax cuts. families making $250,000 or more must and. the we are a serious about ending the deficit we have to combine spending cuts with revenue and asking the wealthiest americans to pay a lot of the more in taxes. and congress also is to figure out how to reduce spending on entitlements like security social security and medicare. the democrats sacred cows with the balance of power unchanged on capitol hill, finding that elusive common ground on these issues could be a tough, short-term deal that postpones the cliff appears to be the most likely scenario. >> as we go towards tomorrow look for mostly clear skies for this evening already some places in the 30's. for tonight and we will see some of those readings in the north bay with upper 20s. clea
>> the resignation of general petraeus is starting to sound like a racy spy novel. how well washington works. catherine heenan has the details. >> lawmakers are questioning who knew what and when. a spokesperson say that the congressmen heard about it in late october. he did not know about it until after the election. supposedly the president did not know until after the election. the homeland's security chairman says it does not make sense. >> it seems that this has been going on for several months and yet now it appears that they are saying that the fbi did not realize until election day. general petraeus was involved in justice not add up. >>catherine: general petraeus is gone from the cia after admitting to the affair with his biographer, paula broadwell.. his wife, known for her work with military families is described as " furious ". more to the point, the risk of classified information which is what dianne feinstein says legislators should have been told, sooner. this is something that could have an effect on national security i think that we should have been told. >>catherine: the w
guilt. critics argue that washington has not done enough to hold walter responsible. >> artists will perform to help with the benefit concert for victims of super storm sandy with on the chilly, billy joel, paul mccartney. it will be of new york's madison square garden december 12th. >> this tragedy during this texas parade the emergency brakes were used on the train but it is not clear how close it came to the parade floats. for veterans were killed and 16 people were injured. the trend is going below the 70 mi. per hour limit from a crashed into a flatbed trailer. carrying the wounded veterans touring in military-style parade. sports director, gary radnich is coming off with hoops, stanford women and warriors' first-round pac (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. they have a slight problem. >> their luggage is over here and there s u v is over here. do not laugh, it happens often to oakland international airport. if you wait a moment you will see some interesting things. since we're on the subject of waiting there are signs that say eve
the east asian summit in cambodia. >> angry demonstrators in washington d.c. to say that this pipeline is bad for america and the environment. in january, president obama blocked the pipeline construction over concerns of how would it would impact the environment. the keystone would call from elberta, canada to texas. however, people are hoping for jobs. >> there are six people recovering in an accident after two helicopters collided on saturday this pasadena police helicopter equipped a second helicopter while one of them was landing. and the other helicopter was taking off. those five people, were taken to the hospital and treated and those injuries are not life-threatening. however, the pilots serious damage. >> the spacecraft has returned to earth this capsule touched down in kazakhstan after 127 days in orbit. the astronauts on board, one was from russia, japan, the u.s. toward they participated in the space walks, and over 40 different scientific experiments. this retirement capsule is that the only way that practice can get to/from the international space station. >> one hostess
trying to scramble on how to conduct these computer glasses. >> george washington carver elementary school was the scene where 27 computers stolen. >> they broke into the windows. they through w rocks at our windows. >> the police started the investigation right away but the school went on as usual. >> the burglar was at 1:00 a.m. the photograph, it has been stripped of the of the photos -- computers. >> shocked & said. >> the 250 students that were-sad-are at a loss. >> they have been taking from the kids we're already struggling with other issues. >> that is pretty sad how could they do that? for the kids, they are for the future. >> they are taking the education away from the children they need these computers. >> neighbors are being interviewed if they saw or heard anything. >> state if they feel like they are going to do it once, they might do it again? ththat is scary. the $1,500 per piece, with over $40,000. we are told that after the thanksgiving break it is going to figure out how to replace those computers. san francisco, kron 4 news. >> if your interested in helping, you
-19, patriots win and improve to 8- 3. jets fall to 4-7 >> check out washington, d'angelo hall, up ircut to cowboys dez bryant looks around to see if it's all clear to retaliate. then he thinks "no, it's thanksgiving, let's get along." >>> tony romo finds bryant for the 5-yard touchdown. the longest of romo's career. cowboys are down by 14. robert griffin the third was the man. fourth touchdown pass of the game -- pretty much it, griffin, 311-yards, their first win ever on thanksgiving against dallas. they were 0-6, one more game, texans at the lions. houston texans got lucky in detroit, i'll show you why in a minute. matthew stafford. perfect touch on this to calvin johnson. he had 441-yards, matching romo's total third quarter, lions up by 10 and texas runningback, justin forset, it looks he like he he keeps running even though everyone else stops. it's a touchdown. the detroit coach immediately throws the red flag, orders a review. since schwartz threw the challenge flag, which is not allowed on scoring plays, the review is negated, through rules, the short one stands. defensive coord
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